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Linear Feedback Controls -- The Essentials

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  • Elsevier Insights Series, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-124-05875-0
  • Finally a book on feedback controls that has fewer than 1000 pages!
  • Feedback Controls -- The Essentials covers mathematical modeling, analysis and deisgn of linear feedback controls. This book is intended to be a concise overview with few, but relevant, examples that guide the reader throughout the book. The Essentials covers key concepts (time-domain and frequency-domain methods), but is intentionally brief on other concepts. One example are state-space models. The idea is that state-space models are an alternative model that conveys the same information as higher-order s-polynomials.
  • This book consistently juxtaposes continuous and time-discrete controls, thus paving the way to understanding digital control systems
  • A whole chapter is dedicated to typical applications. This chapter provides a link between theory and practice. Applications and designs examples include temperature, speed and position control, unstable systems (inverted pendulum), phase-locked loops, oscillators, and audio amplifiers.
  • The book features one of the most comprehensive Laplace-domain correspondence tables available.
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Medical Imaging Technology

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  • SpringerBriefs in Physics, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-4614-7072-4
  • Comprehensive overview of medical imaging modalities in a concise, short-format book.
  • Covers phsical principles, contrast generation, data collection, and image formation for x-ray imaging, x-ray computed tomography, nuclear imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound imaging.
  • A separate chapter outlines current developments and trends in medical imaging
  • Provides detailed exposure to the basic mathematical methods for image reconstruction -- this book is intended to provide an "open box" view of the imaging modalities.
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Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis

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  • John Wiley & Sons, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-62458-6
  • This book complements many excellent image processing books (such as the books by John C. Russ or Geoff Dougherty) by focusing on advanced image processing methods.
  • Advanced methods include, for example, the wavelet transform and wavelet-based filters, adaptive filters, apparent fractal properties in images, shape and texture description, the Hough transform, and active contours.
  • Specialized chapters cover image compression, image registration and image visualization in a short and concise fashion
  • Key methods are accompanied by algorithm examples in pseudocode to allow easy translation of the concepts into practice
  • The book comes with a live DVD with the Kubuntu operating system and my own Crystal Image image processing and analysis package
  • If I ever, as a graduate student, had been able to wish for one book, this would have been it!
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